What is Novll.me?

NOVLL.me, e-commerce platform and m-commerce platform for secondhand  Ebooks, we are a variety store in the true sense of the word, all the products cost 2 euros (the price may differ from one country to another).

Why are some of my files removed?

The files are removed in case of severe violation of Novll.me User Agreement. The violation is more severe the more public infringing files become. Be warned - repeat infringers are deprived of access to their user account and even may be prosecuted by civil and criminal charges. Feel free to contact our support team for detailed information.

Is the number of downloads limited with Novll.me ?

There is no limitation for the number of downloads of any file in our system!

I might enter my e-mail address, when I register as a regular. Will I receive any notification email to my e-mail address ?

NO, you will not. We do not sell or give anybody e-mail addresses of our users. The only confirmation you may receive to your e-mail address from us is notification messages about our service.

The page loads too slowly, what can be done ?

The main reason the site's pages loads slowly is speed of your Internet connection. If you have high speed but the pages loads slowly the reason can be the following: some pages (for example files list) contain lots of Java Script and it requires heightened browser operating. That is why it is desirable to use latest browsers versions and not to use addons or superstructures that can slow down pages loading.

I have other questions. Where can I send them?

Contact our support service. We respond usually within 24 hours.

II. Download FAQ

Usually the process of file downloading requires at least 3 "participants": a server, Novll.me Internet channel, your Internet provider (and your provider's partner) and your computer.

If you are reading this message, it means that Novll.me Server is working in it's normal mode which means that the reason of the problem lays in your internet provider (your provider's partner) and in your computer.

General guidelines: we recommend using Google Chrome Browser and switch all the "speed up" programs as well as satellite internet connection off.

If you are unable to download the file into your computer, please make sure that neither of the reasons listed above is to be applied, and if any of these take place, please eliminate them according to our recommendations.

    Have problems in downloading file in your browser?

    (the blank page is shown or the browser informs "Page is not found" or the page is shown but file downloading does not start)
Possible reasons:

    A) Reason: pop-up blocker is enabled in setting of your browser.
What you do: please disable this option for this particular page in the setting of your browser or use the combination of keys. For example, for Internet Explorer the key Ctrl (allows to unblock poping windows) and/or Shift (allows to open a link in a new tab) are to be used. Please mind that for other browsers different combination of keys can be used.

    B) Reason: a toolbar blocks the poping windows (for example Google toolbar), add-in of your browser (for example, MyIE) or the internal program ( for example, FireWall, Antivirus or any other software) is enabled.
What you do: What you do: please add URL Novll.me to the list of allowed websites in the setting of your tollbar's software. The way of doing it is described in the software.

    C) Reason: downloading link is catched by one of Download-Managers (for example, FlashGet, OrbitDownloader, ReGet, etc) which controls your buffer exchange, the Download-Manager can be damaged or work slowly creating an impression that downloading does not start.
What you do: you won't be able to start downloading through your browser until the Download-Manager which catches this link is on. Moreover if your Download-Manager is integrated into your Browser or you are using several Download-Managers simultaniously, all of them can catch the URL and even try to start downloading (if you have such settings), mind that Download-Manager may still be in system tray without any visible signs, that is you will not see a message in the browser asking whether you want to save this file in your PC.
In this case, please disable the function of your browser "watch browser" in your Download-Manager, or according to advice in variant "A": hold Shift button, that is start downloading in a new window.

    D) Reason: instead of simply saving the file on your computer, it tries to open the corresponding program (especially vital for Internet Explorer) which is integrated into your browser (Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, DJVU Reader, video-players, etc), In this case, the same as in variant "B", your operation system can start launching this program to open this file, at this moment Novll.me server does not get any requests for this file.When the program was launched, the browser is trying to request the file again, it's the same as repeat request, so the service shows the opening page with the timer, etc, that is the program can not get the file and closes.
What you do: In this case we recommend downloading this file by clicking on the link with the right mouse button, choosing the tag "Save object as" or "Save as" in the context menu. By doing this you totally control the process of saving the file, giving the browser no chance for secondary unwanted operations.

    E) Reason: While trying to download file using Free downloading Mode, you are doing parallel downloading of a second file. In this case, the attempt to download second file will fail.
What you do: wait until the current downloading will finish or purchase Gold-Account which allows downloading of several files simultaneously.
The file is not downloaded in Download-Manager

    F) Reason: You re trying to download file with the help of Download-Manager but file downloading does not start, but an HTML page, sometimes renamed and with the ammended resolution of the file, but with the same file size.
What you do: please make the setting in your Download-Manager so that it downloads using one channel or purchase our Gold-Account, which allows you to have multiple parallel downloads.

    G) Reason: You re trying to download file with the help of Download-Manager but file downloading does not start.
What to do: please check that your Download-Manager is set up for 1 channel downloading. We recommen using Gold-Account which will allow you to have multiple parallel downloads.

    Usually, we don't recommend using Download-Manager for Free downloading mode because depending on the setting of the Download-Manager, it can amend the speed of downloading which can cause downloading session break. But for Gold-Account Users is very convenient to use Download-Manager!

What is HiPay Mobile?

HiPay Mobile is a safe and easy micropayment service used to buy premium digital contents. HiPay Mobile offers a range of payment solutions : Interactive Voice Response, SMS+, Internet+ (Internet Service Provider direct billing), Neosurf (prepaid card available in the Neosurf points of sale in France, Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Marocco and Senegal, electronic wallet.

Why is using HiPay Mobile more secure than using other payment methods?

  Because you don't have to expose your credit card details to merchants nor to HiPay Mobile. Your transactions are fully secure and anonymous: no personal information is stored on the site and no information about the website is mentionned on your phone bill.

How does HiPay Mobile work?

When you purchase online, click on the HiPay Mobile logo. Select your payment method and follow the guidelines to obtain your HiPay Mobile access code.

What if I do not have a credit card? Can I still use HiPay Mobile?

Yes, that is one of the benefits of using HiPay Mobile. You don't need a credit card nor to sign up with HiPay Mobile.

Are there any fees for using HiPay Mobile?

No, there is no fee for customers.

What is HiPay Wallet?

HiPay wallet is the only solution to propose to you alternative payment solutions specific to each country, in addition to their classic bank card offer,
HiPay wallet negociates directly with banks in order to reference to you all the payments that are used in Europe.
Because everyone has their own payment customs, HiPay wallet proposes more than just the classic international solutions. They provide you with a range of local payment solutions!
Choose your preferred method of payment to pay for your online purchases: Bank transfers, cash payments, pre-authorised bank withdrawals, and debit/credit cards… An offer that is regularly expanding, with numerous payment methods referenced each month.


Secure payments

    Data encryption: Encryption and securing of some of the numbers on the payment card to completely eliminate any risk of misappropriation.
    Banking transactions with SSL protocol – Secure Socket Layer – confidentiality of banking information and secure transactions

Confidentiality of data

    Exacting identification protocols: temporary password to be changed when connecting for the first time (when first signing up or in the event of forgetting a password).
    Regular checks run by the Verification team.
    Purchasers: no personal data is sent to merchant sites without prior authorization. Anonymity respected.
    Any modification of personal data is done via e-mail with verification of identity.