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We inform you that you can oppose to the registration of « cookies » by configuring your internet navigator by following those steps:

For Mozilla Firefox :

1. Click on « tools » and « options »

2. Click on “Security”

3. In the menu « cookie » select the options that suit you.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 :

1.      Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options”

2.      Click on “Confidentiality”

3.      Select the level of confidentiality you wish to have

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 :

1.      Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options” 

2.      Click on « confidentiality »

3.      Personalise the level of confidentiality you wish to have.

For Netscape 6.X and 7.X :

1.      Click on “Edition” and “Preferences”

2.      Click on “Confidentiality and security”

3.      Select cookie options 

For Opera 6.0 and others:

1.      Click on “File” and then “Preferences”

2.      Select “Security” options